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Taken from "The Hillside United Methodist Church" 


The Hillside United Methodist Church was formed by a merger of the Hanover and Horton Methodist Churches. 


Due to conditions of the existing church buildings, shortage of ministers, and realizing the church would be a stronger fellowship better able to serve God in the community, a fact-finding committee was appointed and the first meeting held in April 19, 1966. Sub-committees were appointed to study all the different aspects and areas of the church in relation to a merger. A congregational meeting was held October 9, 1966 and reports were given by committees on fact-finding.


On November 30, 1966 a special Quarterly Conference was held to elect a Building Committee. Due to the holidays no meeting was held by this committee until January 17, 1967. On January 30, 1967 again sub-committees were appointed to study different areas of the church.


During this study, property was found to be available in which all the members frlt to be the most suitable for the location of a new church building. On February 26, 1967, a special Church and Quarterly Conference was held and the members voted unanimously to purchase the property, approximately 9.49 Acres on the Northwest corner of Folks and Moscow Roads.


On June 25, 1967, again, a Church and Quarterly Conference was held to vote on the merging of the two churches. The votes were as follows: Horton church members voted unanimously, to merge. The Hanover members voted 32 for church members voted unanimously, to merge. The Quarterly Conference members then voted. Again the Horton members voted unanimously for merger and Hanover voted 21 for, and 1 against. The presiding District Superintendent declared the proposal passed, and at long last the merged church came into being.


A Church and Quarterly Conference was held on September 17, 1967 and the name of Hillside Methodist Church was adopted as the name of the new church. New officers were installed and officially the two churches became one, although services would still be held in existing buildings.


A money raising campaign was carried out in the community February 11-13, 1968. Pledging went "over the top" of the goal set as $110,000 was pledged over a three year period. What rejoicing at the victory rally that evening!


In May 1968, the Methodist Church united with the Evangelical United Brethren and this church became The Hillside United Methodist Church. On June 10, 1968, a conference was held to present the preliminary plans for the building to the congregation. Approval was given, and on June 15, 1968 the building to the congregation. Approval was given, and on June 15, 1968 members of the Building Committee traveled to Frontier to present the preliminary plans to the District Board of Church Location and Building. This body was so impressed that the plans were approved as final plans.


On October 8, 1968, plans were again presented to a Church and Quarterly Conference and were unanimously approved as final plans. Approval was also given, unanimously, to accept an indebtedness of $140,000 with the total cost of building approximately $194,000. By October 14, the contract had been signed and the digging of basement was started and scheduled to be finished October 15. Sunday, November 3, 1968, at high noon, ground was officially broken and the building that would house that new Hillside United Methodist Church was on it's way.


On May 4, 1969, a Church and Quarterly Conference was held at the new building. The purpose was to tour the building (not entirely completed) and to approve extra cost, as the total cost of construction exceeded the approximate figure of $194,000.


Many hours of prayer, study and discussion have gone into the planning of this building, --a dream come true. May it ever be a beacon of God's love in the community; and may the church truly live up to the slogan used during the planning and campaigning stages- "That we may better serve", to the glory of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.


On May 25, 1969 the congregation gathered at the church site and the corner stone was laid; -containing, the histories and pictures of the mother churches, a Bible: Good News to the Modern Man, The Methodist Hymnal, The Michigan Christian Advocate, The Discipline of the United Methodist Church 1968, the Hanover-Horton Local, and the current Newsletter of the Church. As this corner stone was laid; it was and always shall be a reminder that the Great Corner Stone of The Church is Jesus Christ, Son of The Almighty God Who ever reigns on high.




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